Cal-Mag Plus Humates for Prevention and Repair of Common Plant Deficiencies
Cal-Mag Plus Humates for Prevention and Repair of Common Plant Deficiencies
Cal-Mag Plus Humates for Prevention and Repair of Common Plant Deficiencies

Cal-Mag Plus Humates for Prevention and Repair of Common Plant Deficiencies

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Why pay for diluted liquids or overpriced cal-mag supplements? The Dutch Science Nutrients Cal-Mag Supplement will help to prevent and remediate calcium and magnesium deficiencies in your plants and will literally last you multiple grows! Mixes over 660 litres or 160 gallons of nutrient mixture.

Why do my plants need Cal-Mag?

Calcium plays a crucial role in strengthening and increasing cell wall structure in plants. It allows the plant to have more rigidity, stronger structure, and shape. Healthy cell walls regulate the proper transfer of nutrients to the various parts of the plant, including roots. Calcium deficiency usually appears as yellow/brown spots and/or edges on leaves. A constant supply of calcium is needed for continued healthy plant growth and prevents disease.

Magnesium is an essential plant nutrient. It allows chlorophyll to capture the suns energy for photosynthesis - It’s what makes plants green. Magnesium deficiency leads to a reduction in yield and increases susceptibility to plant disease. Magnesium deficiencies usually cause light green and/or yellow colouring of the leaves. Sometimes there are not enough nutrients in the soil, so it’s necessary to replenish these elements and provide extra magnesium for plants.

What Exactly Are Humates

Humates are a natural result of the process of humification, in which organic matter is formed from the remains of plant and animal life over a period of thousands of years. When combined, organic materials create biochemical and chemical reactions, resulting in the creation of complex molecules.


  • Mixes 660 Litres or 160 gallons of nutrient formula
  • Super Concentrated Powder Formula
  • Mixing Instructions - Mix 1/4 teaspoon of Cal-Mag Nutrient per 1 Gallon of Water every other feeding
  • Perfect for veg and flower stages
  • Can be used in all mediums including Soil, Coco, Hydroponics

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

So pleased with how happy my girls look after just one week!!! Definitely will not be without it from now on!

Saved my crop!

Dutch Science Nutrients literally saved my crop. My plants were growing in a living soil mix, and were looking sad even after top dressing amendments. I gave my girls a half dose feeding to begin with and withing 24 hours my plants perked up and were preying to the weed God's. Thanks Dutch Science! - 420 Growers United

Really Nice Packaging

I actually picked the bag up on amazon but I wanted to tell the company how stupendous I thought the product was through all differenct channels!

2% is good enough

Had a problem with the calcium and it the cal-mag helped it recover

Quality product

I bought this CAL MAG product because my plants were showing brown spots on my new leaves and the plants were not growing as well as they should. I read that cannabis plants like high levels of calcium so I have this a try. The new leaves that appeared after using the CAL MAG were healthy and without any spots or crinkling. The previous spots did not go away, but that’s normal because I left it too long. From now on, I just keep using these nutrients and this prevents the deficiencies. I’m also using the grow girls grow nutrients now, and my plants are doing better than I’ve ever seen. Oh and there’s enough in the package to pretty much last the whole year.