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What are the nutrient details for the Humates?

Our original blend of Dutch Science Nutrients contain organic Humates.  These include special acids called Fulvic and Humic that are mined directly from the earth.  Humates are essential for plants as they improve the capacity for the plant to hold water, they improve seed germination and stimulate root growth among other things. They contain no Nitrogen or Phosphorus, and a small amount (8%) of Potassium (k). The great feature of our nutrients is that they are all organic, water soluble and can be added to your current/favourite NPK regime if you so desire.  Once the plants reach the flowering/bloom stage 5/6 weeks, we recommend more nitrogen, so we just introduced our BLOOM product which boasts a 6-2-12 ratio.  Keep using our nutrients all throughout the grow until harvest time. The BLOOM is an add on you may want to try also.

How often should the plant be given a dose of nutrients? 

We recommend using Dutch Science Nutrients every second feeding as directed (one teaspoon for each litre of water). Keep in mind that our Nutrients contain special Humic and Fulvic acids that assist plant cells in retaining water. In other words, you may find that your watering schedule may be reduced, so be careful you don’t over water.

How long can I keep the mix stored before it's no longer good to use anymore?

We recommend using our Dutch Science Nutrients within 1-3 days of mixing to achieve best results.  If you use the mixed formula after this time, it won’t harm your plants, but the nutrients may not have the same healthy benefits as a freshly mixed batch.  As for storage, leaving the mixed nutrients in a plastic container is just fine.  Due to changes in temperature during the day (then cooling at night) with added humidity, I’m sure you’re just seeing some condensation on the container.   No need for concern.  Warm and cold (not really hot, and not freezing) temperatures for storing is ok.  The unmixed powder however can be stored in any temperature environment, as long as it’s not too humid.  I hope this answers your question, happy growing.

Does this Affect the pH level of the water once mixed

Not very much at all. There may be a slight increase but pH levels are very dependant on your local water supply. If you do see a lot of acidity in the water generally there are products called pH up and pH down that can be purchased at a relatively cheap cost that will help to control the pH levels in your water supply.

Do I need to add other nutrients to my grow if I am using Dutch Science and a Nutrient Rich Soil?  

Our nutrients combined with nutrient rich soil should be an ideal mix to grow your plants. There would be no initial need to purchase any other nutrients for the grow. Our products are all organic so they do compliment other nutrients well if you did feel as though you wanted to add something extra in. We do recommend the Bloom Dutch Science Nutrients product in the flowering stage of the plant's cycle as it contains some added Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Of course, like you would with all grows, continue to monitor the plant over time and you should be set. 

Can it be used with other nutrients/fertilizers or is it a stand alone product?

Absolutely yes !  When we developed our formula, we made sure that not only can you use Dutch Science Nutrients on its own, but it’s works very well when mixed with other nutrients and fertilizers.  What’s great about our Humic and Fulvic acids is that the molecules are so small, that they have the ability to bond (chelate) to other nutrients before penetrating plant and root cells, essentially improving your existing nutrient regime.  Of course using Dutch Science Nutrient on its own produces dramatic results in keeping your soil, root and plants healthy.  We promise you’ll see a difference.  

How long will it keep once it’s mixed?

Since our nutrients are 100% organic, our testing and past experience has shown that there is no nutrient deterioration or side effect if a mixed batch is not used right away.  As a rule of thumb, and to maximize freshness, we prefer to water our plants within 5 days of mixing Dutch Science Nutrients.

Is there a shelf life with your nutrients?

In terms of storage, our nutrients are able to withstand cold (even below zero) and hot temperatures, so there’s no real shelf life to worry about.  Just like any organic product, keep sealed and store in a dry location to avoid mould and moisture effects.