Tell me more about Humates!

One of the secret weapons our Dutch nutrient formulas contain are organic Humates. These include special acids called Fulvic and Humic that are mined directly from the earth. Humates are essential for your garden — they improve the plant's capacity to hold water, improve seed germination, and stimulate root growth. They contain no Nitrogen or Phosphorus, but a small amount (8%) of Potassium (k).

How often should the plant be given a dose of nutrients? 

We recommend using our nutrients every second feeding as directed (one teaspoon for each liter of water). Keep in mind — our nutrients contain special Humic and Fulvic acids that help plant cells retain water. In other words, be careful you don’t over water —your watering schedule could vary.

If I've mixed my nutrients with water, can they eventually spoil?

For best results, we recommend using our plant nutrients within 1-3 days of mixing. It won’t harm your plants to use our mixed nutrients after that time frame, but they may not be as effective as a freshly mixed batch. 

For storage, a sturdy plastic container will do the trick. You may see beads of moisture on your container due to temperature and/or humidity — but don't worry!  You don't need to worry about warm or cold temperatures (but not super hot or freezing). The unmixed nutrients powder, however, can be stored in any temperature environment, as long as it’s not too humid and it's dry.

Do the nutrients affect the pH level of the water once mixed?

Not by much at all. There may be a slight increase, but pH levels are very dependent on your local water supply. If you do see a lot of acidity in the water, there are products called "pH up" and "pH down" that can be (usually) affordably purchased — these will help to control the pH levels in your water.

Do I need to add other nutrients to my grow if I'm using Dutch Science and a nutrient rich soil?  

Nope - our nutrients, combined with nutrient rich soil, are the perfect one-two punch. If you're using our stage-specific nutrients, you're all set. Not sure? Check out our feeding chart here

Can it be used with other nutrients/fertilizers?

Absolutely. Dutch Science Nutrients perform perfectly by themselves, but they also upgrade other nutrients and fertilizers. Our Humic and Fulvic acid molecules are so small that they have the ability to bond (chelate) to other nutrients before penetrating plant and root cells, improving your existing nutrient regime. You'll see dramatic results once you've added Dutch Science Nutrients to your grow routines — try them and see for yourself!