What are Humates?

Humates are a combination of Humic and Fulvic acids and are a result of the decomposition of organic matter, the chelating of metals and the stimulation of microbial activity. Humates are pulled directly from the earth and comprised of a combination of Organic substances.

Humates are now recognized as the single most productive input in sustainable agriculture. Humates are the only known substance that have the ability to capture and chelate (claw) more than any other nutrient known to mankind. Chelating agents are micro light molecules that can trap and encapsulate other nutrients, then easily penetrate cells releasing the nutrients quickly into the roots and leaves. When applied directly to soil and plants. For your plant, that means more nutrient uptake for your plants!


Improves Soil Structure

Soils that yield year over year tend to build up in excessive elements and heavy metals. Humates act as a buffer to these excessive elements and reduce the stress on the crop. This buffering leads to detoxifieng pollutants and improving overall soil structure. The humic and fulvic acids also help to restrict toxins in the soil and prevent them from getting to the plant's roots.

Increased Water Retention

One of the most important benefits of Humates is their ability to retain water. The humates act as a retainer of water and can hold seven times their weight. Often times we hear from our growers that they are not having to water as much but the plant is still getting enough hydration.

Less need for more Fertilizer

The contents in Humates allow the plant to pull in more nutrients from the soil or plant base. Through the chelating process the humates bond with the micronutrients in the soil and allow the plant to uptake micronutrients that it otherwise would not be able to take in.Using a rich nutrient soil along with our Humates blend is enough to grow a strong, healthy and flowering plant.