Organic Seed and Root Starter Kit Perfect for Germination and Cloning (250g)
Organic Seed and Root Starter Kit Perfect for Germination and Cloning (250g)
Organic Seed and Root Starter Kit Perfect for Germination and Cloning (250g)
Organic Seed and Root Starter Kit Perfect for Germination and Cloning (250g)

Organic Seed and Root Starter Kit Perfect for Germination and Cloning (250g)

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The Dutch Science Nutrients Seed & Root starter Kit is a nutrient specially formulated to help with the growth of roots, seeds, seedlings and clones. It contains 6x more kelp than our original Humates blend and is super easy to use. The Seed and Root Kit is a combination of Kelp, Humates and other essential nutrients that help the plant to increase it's overall immunity, grow a strong and healthy root system and absorb more essential nutrients from it's base. 

What Exactly Are Humates

Humates are a natural result of the process of humification, in which organic matter is formed from the remains of plant and animal life over a period of thousands of years. When combined, organic materials create biochemical and chemical reactions, resulting in the creation of complex molecules.

Seed Germination

Whether you germinate your seeds with the paper towel method or in a glass of water, adding the Seed and Root to the Germinating water will help the seed to germinate faster, increase plant immunity and will overall support healthy plant growth in the seed and seedling stages. 

    Seed Germination How To:


    Not Your average Nutrient

    We take a different approach to nutrients and mixing. All Dutch Science Nutrient products are a super concentrated blend that comes in an easy to mix powder. Ideal for on the farm or at home. The best part about it, the nutrient can be added to any existing setup with no ramp up period.

    When To Use

    The Seed and Root Kit is ideal for seed and seedling stage plants and for clones. You can use this blend on the plant from germination all the way to the Vegetation Stage.

    Where Can I use This

    Our Dutch Science Nutrients water soluble concentrated powder is easy to mix and is perfect for soil, coco, and hydroponic systems

    Mixing Instructions

    Add one teaspoon per quart (1 litre) of water and mix until fully dissolved. Use Dutch Science Nutrients GROW every other feeding for best results.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Karyn Walker
    Love this stuff

    Seedlings grow sturdy and strong using this! Super happy with it and all your nurtrients

    Ron Arruda
    Amazing Results

    I have been using DutchScienceNutrients Seed&Root for a number of plants since seedlings. The Vigorous root growth has been amazing. Roots are busting out the bottom of the pots. Absolutely love using this whole line of products.
    Great Results, Great Value and is so simple to use. Thank you guys so much!!

    Mark Wynn

    Can't say enough good things about it been using it on my clones an they made the roots explode


    Waiting on order, will start right away when it arrives

    Great for spraying

    I recently renovated our backyard lawn with the customary compost leveling and by sowing a lot of grass seed. I then proceeded to use the seed and root starter formula as described by mixing 1/2 tsp per liter of water translated to the appropriate amount for my 11 liter pump sprayer. I was concerned originally that the sprayer may get clogged up. However, not the case. I was super impressed at how well it worked. No problem at all as it created a beautiful fine spray. Also, I noticed it was easy to tell where I had already gone as it was a darker color on the finished part which I really liked. Sure the solution is a little messy but I appreciated the warning from the company before using. That way, I just was more careful putting my mixing stuff in a cardboard box which is fine with me. What is of utmost importance to me is that it works to grow seed well. Looking forward to germination as it progresses.