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Grow girls Grow

An amazing product , I know this because Never have I seen a positive reaction like what I am seeing.
My plants are Thriving and Dutch Science Nutrients is taking the credit .
Thank you for a superior product .

Seed and root

Very good product I had clones root that otherwise wouldn't with just cloning gel or powder and roots come with lots of feeder roots

Trio megapack

Just getting ready to start using.... I'm sure the food will be great

Cracking old seeds

I have been looking for something to help crack my old seeds. I have seeds that are between 10 and 20 years old. So, I used Seed & Root on my seeds, and I have managed to crack a couple. 😊

Love this food!

Works for most all the plants. Have to add more cal mag to some strains.
The only brand I use!

Bloom Baby Bloom 100% Organic Bloom Nutrients for Flowering Plants


After many years of using multiple other nutrients. I switched to Dutch Science. I use all their products now and will continue to use Dutch Science in the future!

Good stuff

Been using this stuff a while now good pure organic nutes

Bloom baby bloom

So far it’s amazing. Best plants yet. More dense bud full of red hairs. Getting excited to test.

Bloom Baby Bloom

Love it!
Absolutely the best !
Grows the largest, healthiest plants/blooms anyone's seen.
I've made alot of converts this summer.
The Trio - Grow- Cal-mag- Bloom give me 300%+ results, I will never go back to anything else!
Lori M.

bigger buds

D.S. nutrients seem to help fatten up my buds which results in a much healthier and more potent yield. Highly recommended!

Cal mag

Works awesome keeps everything healthy

I've been using it for a while now

Plant's show increase in all-around health after two days no more plastic bottles with alot of water and little nutrition. Great product.

Grow baby grow

Super easy to use and the ladies just love this stuff. Highly recommended

Great products

Love the grow girls grow, as all the products..this is again 1st class

Great stuff!

I purchased the GGG,BBB, and the cal/mag. This stuff is great. Never seen greener plants and nice big, tight buds. I do recommend starting with half the dose. This stuff is strong. Lasts a long time as well. Thank you Dutch Science!

Really Strong Nutrients

Bought seedling, cal-mag and the Bloom.

The seedling popped a 1.5 inch taproot overnight and almost had the outer casing off, I put in soil and it popped through day after.

The Bloom is great to but I would suggest using it sparingly, it is STRONG shit!!!!

Growing mad!

3rd grow with DSN, working with my own E.C. feeds in combination with Humates and I've never had better veg cycles ever. From 3ft indoors to 15ft outdoors, this stuff takes off.


3rd grow with DSN, been playing around with my own E.C. with Humates and bloom combinations with spectacular results.


I ordered these products for my next project.
After many years of various nutrients brands. I think Dutch Science is what I've been looking for.

Seed and Root starter kit

It is the best seed and plant starter !
Haven't tried clones yet.....


The best you can havé.

Plants seem to enjoy there feed

Fast delivery this is my second purchase and the plants are green with nice tight buds great stuff.

La vraie solution

Cesez de chercher Call-Mag est la solution à beaucoup de problème, mes plants ont repris leur air de jeunesse, ☺️ merci beaucoup.

Awesome nutrients. Worth every penny!